Amazing fan artist shows that even when Pikachu is off the mark, he’s still super effective at making us smile.

In describing Pikachu, the first words that come to mind are obviously “cute” and “electric.” But if you were going for a three-adjective profile, “fast” would be a good choice.

That’s because in addition to Thunderbolt and Electro Ball, Pikachu can learn Quick Attack, an offensive technique in which Pokémon dash forward and crash into their opponent. Quick Attack has been part of Pikachu’s move set going all the way back to Pokémon Red and Blue, and so it recently served as inspiration for fan artist and Japanese Twitter user @pokeyugami.

@pokeyugami has been creating modern reimaginings of what the franchise’s original video games would look like if they were being made with modern graphical techniques, and so he wondered, what would happen when Pikachu used Quick Attack…but missed?

Things start off like you’d expect, with Pikachu zooming forward so quickly he’s invisible to the human eye. Since he’s off the mark, instead of slamming into his Caterpie target, though, he winds up next to the rival trainer.

But then it’s time for…

…the slow, awkward walk back to his own trainer.

It makes sense, when you think about it. It’s called “Quick Attack,” not “Regular-speed Attack,” so naturally Pikachu spends the rest of his time moving around at a significantly slower pace, and you have to figure the exertion of his super-speed sprint has tired him out before he starts his return trip. And remember, this is Red and Blue, which established the mainline Pokémon video game series turn-based combat system, which means that the fight can’t go on until Pikachu is back in position.

As an added bonus, @pokeyugami’s video is structured so that the last frame flows right back into the first, so that you can enjoy an endless loop of Pikachu’s off-target Quick Attack, but each and every time that adorable waddle back is a bull’s-eye in terms of hitting fans’ hearts.

Source, images: Twitter/@pokeyugami
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