Request follows shocking crime that took place onboard train last Halloween.

In Japan, the biggest Halloween celebrations tend to take place on the weekend closest to October 31, as opposed to Halloween night itself. That means the parties are going to get started in earnest this Saturday, and in a country with a pre-existing appreciation for cosplay, a lot of people are looking forward to heading out in costume.

However, one of Tokyo’s major train operators has a request: please don’t get on the train wearing a costume that might scare people. In an announcement from Keio Corporation, operator of the Keio-line train network, the company says:

“When going out to celebrate Halloween, please refrain from boarding the train while wearing costumes that may make other passengers feel uneasy or frightened.”

That might sound contrary to the very spirit of Halloween, which is all about drawing fun from fright, but Keio has some understandable concerns. On Halloween night last year (which fell on a Sunday), a man riding a Keio line train while dressed as Batman franchise villain the Joker stabbed another passenger in the chest and set the car on fire, resulting in 17 people requiring medical treatment. In a separate incident that took place this past summer, a man brandishing a sickle tried to force his way past employees into a Keio station.

Keio lines are some of the major pathways from those living in west Tokyo’s more affordable suburbs to get to Shibuya, which has earned a reputation as Japan’s biggest Halloween party venue, and for rowdy lawlessness during the celebrations, which is probably why the company felt the need to make special mention of being considerate to others while onboard its trains. Keio acknowledges both the stabbing and sickle events in its “no scary costumes please” press release, though without explicitly prohibiting any specific costumes or props. That might make the rule sound pointless, but the company will also be increasing its number of security staff and patrols between October 29 and 31, and the announcement is likely intended to make passengers aware of the possibility of being asked to comply with directions from employees to make the environment feel safe and secure for everyone onboard.

Source: Keio Corporation via IT Media
Top image: Pakutaso
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