My neighbor Port-oro.

It’s hard to predict when and where you’re going to see Totoro. In the Studio Ghibli anime classic he just sort of nonchalantly appears, standing at a bus stop or taking a nap in the shrubbery, only to disappear just as quickly.

Something similar happened earlier this month, when Tokyo-based bag and accessories company Porter released a line of fashionably fuzzy Totoro bags, which sold out almost immediately. Luckily for fans, though, there’s a second round of Porter Totoro items about to go on sale, restocking some items while adding a whole bunch of new ones.

Once again, the motif is the nighttime scene that takes place in the garden of Mei and Satsuki’s home. According to Porter, this is where the sisters “meet Totoro in a dream,” but as Ghibli fans who remember the scene’s dialogue know, there’s room for debate on whether or not it was a dream.

On the bags’ outsides, there’s Ghibli’s beautiful bucolic background art, with achingly gorgeous color design that makes the night feel at once both bright and dark. And, of course, there’s the patch of Totoro fur, with the gray markings indicating that this section is as soft and fluffy as Totoro’s tummy.

Peek inside, and you’ll find Mei, Satsuki, and Totoro flying through the sky on the illustrated liner.

▼ Look at this while clutching the bag’s Totoro fur part to feel like you’re right there with them.

In addition to the new 53,900-yen (US$364) daypack (backpack) and 49,500-yen large two-way tote bag pictured above, Porter is doing a second issue of the Night Forest two-way tool bag (37,500 yen), vertical shoulder bag (25,300 yen) and small two-way tote bag (38,500 yen).

While these were also offered in the first round of the Night Forest items, the color of the solid-color fabric and straps has been changed from navy blue to black.

Also new are the two-way shoulder bag (32,450 yen)…

…two-way long wallet (24,200 yen)…

…and the simply named pouch (23,100 yen).

Porter has even designed a couple of non-bag items for the partnership, like the adorable Catbus keyholder charm (5,280 yen).

If you need something to snuggle up with, there’s a Totoro stuffed animal (30,800 yen).

And last, if you want to wear Totoro’s tummy on your own abdomen, the Porter Totoro T-shirt, in black or white, will let you do that for 7,480 yen.

The entire collection goes on sale October 29 at Porter retail locations in Japan and through the brand’s online store here.

Source: PR Times via Japaaan
Images: PR Times
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