For when you want something to warm you up, but aren’t in the mood for the standard hot drinks.

In Japan, one of the best things about this time of year is that you can buy hot drinks in cans and bottles at convenience stores. When you’re out and about on a chilly day, or especially on a frigid night, there’s no quicker way to warm yourself up than popping into a shop and grabbing a bottle of green tea or can of coffee from the heating rack so that you have a warm, comforting beverage to sip until you’re back indoors.

Or, if you prefer, you can grab a bottle of hot water, thanks to Asahi and their Oishi Mizu Tennensui Sayu, which went on sale at the start of this month.

To clarify, Oishi Mizu Tennensui Sayu isn’t one of those clear, non-carbonated soda-style flavored waters that started gaining popularity in Japan a few years ago. “Sayu” just means “hot water,” and the piping hot bottles are simply filled with the same mineral water that Asahi usually sells at cold or room-temperature under its Oishi Mizu Tennensui. Asahi says in recent years hot water has been gaining in polarity, with a growing number of people craving it on late-autumn and winter mornings as a way to warm themselves up without the jittery caffeine side effects of coffee or tea.

These aren’t just leftover bottles of water that get tossed into the heater rack, either, as orange caps indicate that a drink, under Japanese beverage-handling regulations, is only to be sold hot.

Asahi Oishi Mizu Tennensui Sayu is priced at 105 yen (US$0.70) and available in convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide.

Source, images: PR Times
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