Wearable gacha machine is sure to turn heads wherever you go. 

Did you know that 17 February is Gacha Day?

The day was established in 2019 by Penny, the company that introduced gacha to Japan for the first time in 1965, with the date based on the founding date of the company.

These days, all types of gacha manufacturers use the day to help promote gacha capsule toys, but Takara Tomy Arts is doing it in style this year by releasing…a gacha machine you can wear on your back.

▼ The new product is part of the company’s “Let’s Play Gacha Project” that devises new ways to promote capsule toys.

Called the “Showy Gacha“, this backpack takes its design cues from the “Gacha 2EZ“, a machine produced by Takara Tomy Arts that’s popular with children and adults alike.

Like the real thing, this product has a transparent window, but instead of wondering what’s inside, you can fill it with gacha capsules of your choice to really turn heads on the street.

▼ There’s plenty of storage for other items too.

Heads aren’t the only thing you’ll be turning with this bag, as it comes complete with a dial that actually turns, featuring the same clicking noise as the dial on the machine to replicate the excitement of purchasing a random capsule toy.

While the handle turns, it doesn’t have a mechanism to dispense capsules, but you can store a capsule in the zippered pouch at the bottom to mimic the gacha-buying experience.

Each bag comes with a set of empty capsules that you can customise with your favourite contents before displaying them in the window section.

Of course, the best way to show off your gacha backpack is by wearing it while spinning the dial on an actual gacha machine.

▼ Like some sort of gacha inception.

The backpack is priced at 9,900 yen (US$75.06), and pre-orders are currently being taken at the Takara Tomy Arts official site. It’s a great way to share your love of gacha with the world, and if you’re looking for ideas to fill the capsules with, these octopus tentacle ear plugs are definitely a good place to start!

Source, images: Press Release
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