Complete with a two-metre jet spray to get the party started.

Everybody loves a good Japanese toilet, and as any newcomer who’s fiddled around with the buttons beside the seat will know, the automatic nozzle that juts out inside to clean your bits has an impressive jet stream.

Now, Japanese capsule toy maker Tama-Kyu — who previously brought us taiko and takoyaki toys — is bringing that impressive jet stream to the world in the form of a new gacha capsule toy called the “Maji de Fukidasu Toire” which translates to “Seriously Spurting Toilet“.

How does it work? Well, take a look at the video below!

As the clip shows, this is a toy designed for adults who love a bit of toilet humour. Simply attach the capsule toy toilet to the top of your bottle…

▼ …and give it a good shake with your finger on the lid as your fellow partygoers cheer you on.

▼ Then lift your finger and…ahhh! The beauty of a Japanese toilet!

The capsule toy, which is designed to be used with PET bottles, has a hole that’s narrower than the bottle beneath it, which creates the gush of water that’s said to reach a height of two metres (6.6 feet). Tama-Kyu says the jet stream perfectly replicates the “toilet trouble” that can occur when you mess around with a Japanese toilet seat without sitting on it.

▼ The five-piece range went on sale at gacha capsule machines around the country from 13 January, priced at 200 yen each.

While the gadget can be used with still and carbonated beverages in PET bottles, we can also see hosts and hostesses at bars trying the tiny toilets out with expensive bottles of bubbly to impress clients. According to Tama-Kyu, the product can also be used to turn bottles into fun water guns, although they do advise that you always use it outdoors, or in a bath, to avoid drenching your precious belongings.

Whether you choose to use it as a faux Japanese toilet while out camping in the wild outdoors, well… we’ll leave that entirely up to you.

Source: Tama-Kyu via Otakomu
Featured image: YouTube/カプセルトイブランド TAMA-KYU

Insert images: YouTube/カプセルトイブランド TAMA-KYU, Tama-Kyu
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