It’s made with 100-percent Hokkaido milk, so you know it’s good too!

The northernmost Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido is known, among other things, for its dairy industry. In addition to supplying over 50 percent of Japan’s milk needs, Hokkaido dairy is famous for being exceptionally delicious and high quality. That’s probably why the popular bottled coffee brand Georgia Coffee, which is owned by Coca-Cola Japan, has a special drink available only in Hokkaido known as Georgia Milk Coffee.

Now, “milk coffee” isn’t something that’s hard to find elsewhere in Japan, but only in Hokkaido will you find Georgia Milk Coffee. Made exclusively with Hokkaido Milk, this Georgia coffee drink has been popular in Hokkaido since its release in 2012, and now, for the first time, it’s getting a brand-new flavor variety!

Georgia Banana Milk Coffee will be going on sale on March 13, and with banana flavors added to the same milky, sweet Georgia Milk Coffee, it sounds like a scrumptious, fresh new flavor you’ll probably never get tired of drinking. And with an illustration of a jug of milk and the island of Hokkaido right on the bottle, you’ll have no doubt that it’s made with delicious Hokkaido milk.

This new drink will be available in both a 500-milliliter (16.9-fluid ounce) bottle for 160 yen (US$1.19), which you can find in drug stores and supermarkets, and a 270-milliliter (9.1-fluid ounce) bottle for 148 yen, which will be available only in vending machines. Of course, both varieties will only be found in Hokkaido, so if you live elsewhere in Japan, you’ll have to make a trip to try it!

Don’t worry, though; there are plenty of other reasons to visit Hokkaido, including an otherworldly hot spring and a somewhat spooky remote station between tunnels. You can bring some Banana Milk Coffee with you when you go exploring!

Source, images: PR Times
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