Our reporter had a good time frolicking in this limited-time store.

When it comes to cakes, delicious and fluffy whipped cream tends to take on a secondary role. It is rarely, if at all, the star ingredient. However, rumors recently abounded that one store in Tokyo did just that.

After previously consuming enough candies in the shape of his face to last a lifetime, Mr. Sato’s craving for something a little more delicate brought him to specialty cream store Milk on the first floor of LUMINE MAN in Shibuya.

▼ The store where whipped dreams come true.

Milk was created in collaboration with Cafe Manduka and remains open until the end of the month. The store teamed up with Takanashi Dairy to bring delicious fresh cream to its customers.

▼ Peering at the menu, Mr. Sato noted that there were only a few items.
A sign of specialty store indeed!

Our trusty reporter entered the store and was thrilled to find that there were no lines, which means he didn’t have long to wait! The shop assistant pulled him down from cloud nine though, explaining that most dairy companies were closed on Wednesdays (which was, of course, the day he visited), and deliveries of fresh cream from Takanashi Dairy hadn’t yet arrived. Bummer!

Resisting the urge to order 1,000 of anything like he always does, Mr. Sato decided on a strawberry soft cream parfait (880 yen, US$7.70) and bottle of milk coffee (400 yen, US$3.50) as consolation instead.

Both drinks pleasantly surprised our reporter, who is rather fond of rich, creamy liquids. The milkiness was almost overwhelming in the coffee, and though it was thick, it didn’t linger on his tongue for long.

▼ The parfait has tapioca pearls at the base,
piled on with milk pudding and milky soft cream.

But just a little while later, the delivery of cream arrived, and Mr. Sato found himself unable to resist a dazzling fresh cream strawberry chiffon cake (880 yen, US$7.70).

Mr. Sato took a hesitant bite, and realized that despite the entire thing looking like it’d clog his arteries, the cream was actually extremely light.

▼ The optional strawberry sauce added an extravagant zing to the dish.

After his thorough research into the matter, Mr. Sato was convinced that Takanashi Dairy’s fresh cream was good enough to be the star of the show in this store.

Milk remains open until 31 July, after which it may be gone forever, so check it out while you can. Though even if you miss out, you can still always get your cream-fix with some puff balls filled with sushi-rice cola instead.

Store information
Fresh cream specialty store MILK / 生クリーム専門店「MILK」
Address: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Jinan, 1-22-11, LUMINE MAN Shibuya, 1F
東京都渋谷区神南1-22-11 ルミネマン渋谷1F
Open: 11 a.m. to midnight
Closed: 31 July onward

Images: ©SoraNews24
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