Adult PreCure’23 Power of Hope could be the for-grown-ups version of the magical girl anime that veteran fans have been waiting for.

Last month, publisher Kodansha announced that six novels based on magical girl anime series PreCure would be hitting bookstore shelves and digital platforms. While most of the franchise’s output is aimed at young girls, these half-dozen books are specifically written for adult fans of the series.

However, all of the for-adults PreCure novels were originally released in 2015 and 2016, and aside from slight cover art revisions, the books that shipped last month are the same as their previous editions. Kodansha didn’t mention why it was suddenly reprinting the novels, but it looks like the reason may be to build up excitement for an upcoming for-adults PreCure anime series.

@trademark_bot, a Japanese Twitter account that collects trademark applications in Japan, has posted images of what it says is a filing for Adult PreCure’23 Power of Hope (listed as Kibou no Chikara Otona PreCure ’23 Power of Hope in the document, kibou no chikara and otona translating to “power of hope” and “adult”). The filing, according to the account, was made by Toei Animation, rights holders for the PreCure anime.

From the title, Adult PreCure ’23 Power of Hope would, ostensibly, debut sometime this year. With the newest arc of the mainline PreCure anime, Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure, having just debuted last month and likely to run for 50-something episodes, this would mean both PreCure anime would be ongoing at the same time.

It’s unclear whether an Adult PreCure’23 Power of Hope anime would be a TV series, theatrical feature, or something else. But with the PreCure franchise itself having started in 2004, there are now plenty of fans from its early days who’d no doubt enjoy something aimed specifically at them.

Source: Twitter/@trademark_bot via Otakomu
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