The official Udon Prefecture ambassador takes part in special events at the airport where you can also win fabulous prizes.

On October 15 and 16, the Slowpoke Paradise in Kagawa 2022 campaign will collaborate with the Takamatsu Airport Festival FUNTAK 2022 for a weekend of all-things Slowpoke. Slowpoke is the ambassador for Kagawa Prefecture because Yadon, Slowpoke’s Japanese name, sounds similar to udon, Kagawa’s most famous gourmet specialty.

For one, who wouldn’t want to be greeted at the airport with a big ol’ Slowpoke hug? It’s also a rare chance to take your picture on the rooftop of the airport with the runway in the background.

▼ Even if Slowpoke does, try not to yawn too much during your photoshoot.

You can also win exclusive prizes if you clear a certain number of games at the airport. Some of the games that have already been revealed include the following:

  • A panel quiz to guess local sightseeing spots
  • A game where you collect Poké Balls in a basket
  • A game where you roll Poké Balls around to catch a Slowpoke
  • Searching for stamps hidden within the airport

The prizes are from the “Slowpoke Paradise in Kagawa” campaign and include exclusive postcards limited to the event.

▼ Front and back of a sample postcard

Perfect for foodies, the airport will host a special food booth where you can order collaborative menu items such as udon with a slab of fried tofu or a delicately crafted Slowpoke macaron. Even the so-called Dopey Pokémon would be sure to snap out of its daze to gobble up one of these.

Next, if you spend 3,000 yen (US$20.93) or more at the airport shops, eateries, or special festival booths, you can enter a raffle to win some prizes bigger than a Snorlax after eating. The grand prize is a round-trip flight from Takamatsu City to Tokyo via Narita International Airport. Secondary prizes include free one-night stays at the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel (right next to Tokyo Disney Resort) or the Sheraton Okinawa Sunmarina Resort in Okinawa, Slowpoke-themed gifts, and 500-yen discount coupons for airport shops.

For those who appreciate some old-fashioned snail mail, the Slowpoke-decorated mail van will also be stationed at the airport. Mail a letter from there and receive a limited-edition themed stamp (not a postmark) of Slowpoke welcoming you to the Udon Prefecture.

▼ A sample stamp you can send along with your letter to a friend

▼ The Slowpoke mail van

Finally, from October 15 until January 10, 2023 (projected), original Pokémon Center goods are also slated to be sold at a special pop-up shop at the airport.

If taking it easy with Slowpoke at the airport still leaves you wanting more, perhaps you can venture out into the prefecture to find all of the Slowpoke-themed Pokéfuta manhole covers as well.

Source, images: PR Times
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