Slowpoke buses, Slowpoke hotel rooms, and even a Slowpoke ferry pop up in Kagawa’s cities (but don’t worry because the service isn’t slow).

If you think about it, Water/Psychic-type Pokémon Slowpoke is the perfect ambassador for any kind of low-key travel for relaxation. It’s slow, dopey, and constantly yawning…which sounds exactly like my ideal state of being while on vacation!

It’s too bad I didn’t cash in on that idea earlier because the Pokémon Company and Kagawa Prefecture (nicknamed “Udon Prefecture”) on Japan’s Shikoku Island have recently teamed up for a new travel PR campaign called “Slowpoke Paradise in Kagawa,” with festivities kicking off in capital Takamatsu City on February 4. While Slowpoke has been the udon ambassador of Kagawa since 2018 because its Japanese name, Yadon, sounds very similar to the popular wheat noodles, this is a large-scale campaign that involves the cooperation of various local companies to make Slowpoke an omnipresent travel ambassador throughout the prefecture.

▼ The campaign even synched the previously released, reggae-inspired “Slowpoke Song” with scenes of Slowpoke walking around famous spots in Kagawa. Play it as your own vacation background music as you also slooooowly amble through town!

Let’s take a closer look at the Slowpoke-themed tie-ins that you’ll spot while visiting Kagawa from now on.

First, the Shodo Island Ferry Group has decorated the exterior of one of its ferries with images of Slowpoke and a Poké Ball. This ferry runs between Takamatsu Port and Tonosho Port on the nearby Shodo Island.

Surrounded by Slowpokes, you can ride to the island in high style aboard this boat. Note that a few yellow-headed variant Slowpokes have also snuck into the decorations. They must be visiting from Pokémon‘s Galar region.

Let Slowpoke’s goofy grin guide you up the stairs.

If that Shellder gets too close to its tail, we might have to revise Kagawa’s PR campaign to be “Slowbro Paradise.”

Even the tables and chairs on deck pay homage to the theme.

In addition to the ferry, three bus companies began service with their new Slowpoke-themed vehicles on February 5. The first is the Takamatsu Airport limousine shuttle bus operated by Kotoden, which runs between Takamatsu Airport and Takamatsu Station. Anyone who passes this bright pink bus will definitely do a double take.

Another limousine shuttle bus operated by Kotosan adds even more splashes of color to the mix. This one runs between Marugame City and Sakaide City via Ayagawa Station.

Lastly, Kinku’s Takamatsu Airport shuttle bus, running between the airport and Kotohira City, brings back the pink.

Not only can you travel in style, but as of February 4 you can also sleep in style in one of five individual Slowpoke-themed rooms managed by four hotels located around Kagawa Prefecture.

First up is Takamatsu Tokyu REI Hotel, which offers a western-style room with plenty of illustrations of Slowpokes and steaming bowls of udon to gaze up at and drool over (but don’t eat Slowpoke, please).

The pictures will definitely whet your appetite for some of Kagawa’s famous udon.

Meanwhile, Kotohira Onsen Kotosankaku offers a more traditional Japanese lodging experience with a tatami mat floor.

The wall paintings have a distinctly pop-traditional Japanese flair.

Third on the list is the Marugame Plaza Hotel, which practically radiates contentment with its puffy bedspreads and Pokéball pillows.

Slowpoke would definitely give this place a 10/10 for luxurious comfort.

Finally, Shodoshima International Hotel on Shodo Island brings back the tatami and more adorable wall decals playing up an island theme.

Sweet dreams are sure to come with Slowpoke dosing off over you.

Guests staying in one of these rooms will also score a complimentary Slowpoke hand towel while supplies last.

If all of these collaborations have you ready to hop on a plane to Kagawa, make sure you stop at the photo op in the arrival lobby on your way out of Takamatsu Airport.

▼ “Welcome to Udon Prefecture!”

Kagawa isn’t the only prefecture that’s taken on Pokémon prefectural travel ambassadors. Tottori Prefecture, famous for sand dunes, has enlisted the help of Ground-type Sandshrew, while Miyagi Prefecture, famous for Matsushima Bay on the coast, has taken on Water-type Lapras.

Source, images: PR Times
Reference: Kagawa Prefecture Tourism Association
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