A wild collab appears between Yoshinoya and Pokémon

Gotta catch’em all! And since there’s only six this time, it should be deliciously easy.

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Japanese prefecture that named a Pokémon as its governor to install 16 new Pokémon manholes

Or should these artistic salutes to Slowpoke be called “monholes?”

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Slowpoke Pokémon PC cushion is ready to help you feel great about not getting very much done

Pokémon plushie pal’s productivity parameters are suspect, but his cuteness can’t be denied.

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Japanese prefecture introduces a Pokémon as its governor in start-of-the-month political shakeup

Video shows first appearance of unexpected political dynamo Slowpoke.

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Love ballad to Pokémon’s Slowpoke is strangely emotional and romantic【Video】

Puppet theater music video about biting a Pokémon’s tail is a surprising tear-jerker.

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Talk about slowpokes…New Pokemon, Yadon’s official debut song finally released in English

What’s better than Pokémon? Music videos about Pokémon! Last year, the Pokémon higher-ups in Japan released an official theme song and video for Yadon (Slowpoke, in English), the lethargic, sleepy, pink Pokémon. The Japanese song, Donaiyanen Yadon, was made to celebrate the Pokémon Center’s Facebook page and is charming, if not hypnotic.

Apparently, though, Yadon’s sluggishness is contagious and spread to the Pokémon Center’s translation team, because the translation of the psychedelic-reggae song was not released until a solid year after people started grooving to the original. But we’re happy to say: The English version is finally here in all of its bizarre glory.

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