A look at the fashion trends of motorcycle model costume design.

Last weekend, we headed out to the Tokyo Big Sight convention center to check out Anime Japan. The country’s biggest anime industry event wasn’t the only thing going on at Big Sight, though, as at the very same time the venue was also hosting the Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

And as attendees poured into the convention center, teams of lovely booth models were on display to greet them.

The Tokyo Motorcycle Show isn’t the only Japanese trade show with booth models, but there are  some unique costume design characteristics for the event.

Leather and leather-like materials, for example, are common elements. For Dunlop, that’s obviously meant to evoke the rubber of the company’s tires.

In other cases, though, the inspiration seems to be the leather of motorcycle jackets and riding suits.

And, naturally, this booth model for Japanese riding apparel maker Degner was dressed in one of the company’s jackets.

With the sensation of speed being an especially appealing part of the motorcycling experience, many costumes are also designed to evoke images of motorsports competition.

Parts maker DID even brought out the Evangelion-themed competition bike it sponsors, presented by a model dressed in an Asuka plug suit-like outfit.

When not zooming down a circuit straightaway, the open-air, exposed-to-the-element nature of motorcycling creates a casual atmosphere, and so there was plenty of denim incorporated into the costume designs too…

…including denim shirts.

We’re not exactly sure why bike shopping site Bike Sensor had a miniature Shinto shrine at their booth…

…but the rationale behind roadside assistance and repair organization JAF’s mechanic motif was pretty easy to grasp.

Over at the Suzuki booth, they were still doing that clever trick of making the company’s “S” logo with their fingers

…while LS2 Helmets took a more direct approach to get people to notice their name.

With pandemic protocols continuing to be relaxed in Japan, masks weren’t as prevalent as they have been at conventions for the past few years. Still, many models remained masked up, shortly slipping them off when nearby crowds had dispersed or for quick photos.

And though, as mentioned above, sporty or casual costumes were the majority, there were a few booths with more dressy, frilly looks.

And as for car/bike video production company Super Motor Vision’s bunny costume, we’re guessing it was chosen just because it’s cute.

A big thanks to everyone who posed for our camera, and we hope to see you all again at next year’s show.

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