A sure-fire way to stop traffic, no matter what car you’re driving.

The biennial Tokyo Motor Show was held in Tokyo recently, and as Mr Sato and his friend Butch discovered when they visited the event this year, there were plenty of booth ladies on hand to help guests enjoy their time at the show.

One of the ladies at the event was Saori Yamashita, who was at the Suzuki booth, handing out brochures and posing for photographs in a neat blue-and-white pants suit.


Despite not baring as much flesh as some of the other ladies at the show, Yamashita still caught everyone’s eye with her good looks, sparkly smile…and a cute hand pose that recreated the iconic Suzuki “S” symbol.

▼ The sign also comes in handy for making Superman’s “S” symbol.

To help share the love of sign-making with your fingers, Yamashita posted this short video on her Twitter account, showing exactly how it’s done. Splaying your fingers in front of a background like your chest makes the sign more easily recognisable.

The “S Mark” sign, as it’s called, spread like wildfire at the auto show, with Yamashita teaching guests how to create the letter using just their fingers.

The only thing better than a booth babe doing the “S mark” is a group of them doing it together!

▼ And after a bit of practice, you can try doing it one-handed with a friend.

So next time you pass by a Suzuki, don’t forget to give it a wave from Yamashita, by presenting it with the S Mark symbol. You never know what type of response you might get in return, especially if it happens to be the secondhand Suzuki that’s been to the moon.

Source: Net Lab
Featured image: Twitter/@torinikusaorin