Kyoto Animation’s beautiful anime inspires new skirts from Osaka apparel company.

In virtually every frame, Kyoto Animation’s Violet Evergarden reminds you that it’s one of the most beautiful anime ever made. It’s not just the characters and environments that are jaw-droppingly lavish, but the costume designs as well, especially the clothing worn by titular protagonist Violet.

And in a happy development for fans, Osaka-based apparel company Mayla has designed a pair of skirts inspired by Violet.

Full of fanciful frills, the skirt also features a long trailing ribbon evocative of the one Violet uses to tie back her hair.

The ruffles are spaced to catch the wind and sway in the breeze, providing you the same graceful elegance that surrounds Violet as she goes from town to town helping people express their deepest emotions.

The polyester skirt is available in two color patterns with luxurious names. The Akora, pictured above, makes navy blue its primary hue, and the Segen, seen below, is a neutral ivory for easier coordination with a variety of tops.

The skirts go on sale April 28, priced at 23,870 yen (US$182), and can be ordered through Mayla’s online shop here. Oh, and if when you wear your you want to do your hair like Violet’s too, Kyoto Animation has revealed how to recreate her hairstyle.

Source: Mayla via Otakomu
Top image: Mayla
Insert images: Mayla (1, 2)
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