Shirts take inspiration from memorable sights at Tokyo’s Ghibli Museum, offered in both adult and kid sizes.

Recently, we got the sad news that Japan’s custom-made Pokémon dress shirt line is permanently shutting down. But you know the old saying: the anime fashion gods never close a door without opening a window.

OK, so maybe we’re paraphrasing a little there. Still, the truth is that Studio Ghibli has just released a beautiful new T-shirt collection, specifically taking its whimsical design cues from the Ghibli Museum.

Naturally, Totoro is part of the mix, appearing on the chest of the I Like to Walk tee, which takes its name from part of the lyrics to Mu Neighbor Totoro’s opening theme song, “Sanpo.”

The real sight to see, though, is on the back, where Mei and a mid-size Totoro are taking a stroll through the countryside, above a translated-to-English quote from famed anime director Hayao Miyazaki.

Available in white or dark green, the shirt’s back illustration depicts a clockwork art installation found within the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo.

Adult sizes range from small to extra-large, and if you want your kids to look extra-adorable, there are children’s sizes available too, with the dark green lightened to a more minty shade.

The next Ghibli stars to appear in the lineup are the soot sprites, who can also be spotted behind one of the Ghibli Museum’s porthole-style windows.

Black and white are the adult color choices here. Written on the breast are the words “Let’s lose our way, together,” an English rendering of the museum’s official motto “Maigo ni narou yo, issho ni,” which literally translates as “Let’s become lost children together” and symbolizes the facility’s desire for visitors to indulge in the childlike wonder of imaginative exploring.

▼ And even if you’ve got no interest in such flowery philosophies, the shirt still looks pretty cool/cute.

▼ For little soot sprite fans, the shirt comes in white or yellow.

Rounding out the collection are a pair of designs stemming from the Laputa: Castle in the Sky and Imaginary Science Flying Machines Exhibition which was previously held at the museum.

The first shows a schematic on the front for the Tiger Moth, the airship of sky pirate Captain Dola (though the vessel’s name is rendered as “Tiger Moss” on the shirt). That’s a comparatively deep cut for Ghibli lore, but the back of the shirt, with the Laputa royal crest and “Ghibli Museum” printed below the collar, should signal even to casual fans which anime studio’s works your partial too.

And last, if your loyalties are to Dola, there’s a shirt with her crest on the back, and on the front the pirate herself flying, plus a dragonfly and a bespectacled pig (Miyazaki’s recurring illustrated avatar for himself).

▼ Both Laputa designs are offered in adult sizes only.

Adult shirts are priced at 5,940 yen (US$44) and kids at 4,340 yen, with the entire lineup available online here through the Ghibli Museum online shop.

Source: Ghibli Museum online shop
Top image: Ghibli Museum online shop
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