Video game developer Capcom releases how-to-beat videos for Street Fighter characters with the help of Olympic gold medal wrestler.

Capcom is making a big push to making Street Fighter more accessible to newcomers with Street Fighter 6. New characters, easier input options, and in-depth tutorials are all ways to get fighting game rookies up to speed and on to more even footing with veterans in a shorter time.

But the fighting genre is deep and complex, especially when you get into the topic of specific strategies depending on what character you’re fighting against. Once again, though, Capcom wants to help, and so they’ve released a series of instructional videos detailing the best tactics to use when fighting against certain opponents, with the demonstrations provided by none other than wrestler Saori Yoshida, three-time Olympic gold medalist and 13-time World Wrestling Championships’ gold medalist.

We start things off with a lesson in how to fight against Ryu, Street Fighter’s traditional protagonist. Ryu’s fighting style is centered on his hadouken fireball, and defeating him requires you to find a way around the spacing challenges presented by the blasts of energy he’ll repeatedly throw your way during a fight.

So how do we deal with that? In the How to Defeat Ryu video below, Yoshida demonstrates the two-step process.

First, SMACK the hadouken out of the way.

“After you smack the hadouken away, be ready to take advantage of the momentary opening this creates, and tackle Ryu with lightning speed.”

Next on Yoshida’s fight card is Luke, Street Fighter’s new poster boy.

Once again, the strategy is hadouken-related. Luke’s most distinctive special move is his taunt, in which he mimics the hadouken hand gesture and attack name. Like all taunts, it’s a psychological attack, To counter this, “stare coldly at Luke…”

“…then, when his heart is broken…”

“…take him down with a chokehold.”

In the third, and as of this writing, most recent video, Yoshida squares off against Dhalsim.

The yoga master is a tricky guy to tangle with, on account of his extendable limbs and levitation powers. These aren’t a problem, though, if you follow Yoshida’s examples and…

“…lightly parry his attack…”

“…then throw his slightly levitating body to the ground.”

Essentially, Yoshida’s strategies all boil down to some form of stay cool, then unleash ferocious violence at the critical moment, which is similar to the blueprint she followed for success in her real-world wrestling career.

▼ Yoshida, introducing the video series

Street Fighter 6 has launched with 18 playable characters, so there are more than a dozen left for Yoshida to challenge. It’s unclear whether or not she’ll be taking on the entire roster, but in the above video there’s also a standee for Russian wrestler Zangief, which, given what happened to Ryu, Luke, and Dhalsim, probably won’t be standing much longer.

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