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If you’re a passionate fan of a particular of anime, movie, or video game, we’re guessing you’ve got at least one T-shirt in your wardrobe celebrating the franchise. But fandom isn’t a monotheistic religion, so if you don’t want your ability to wear your enthusiasm for the many series you love on your chest to be limited by your single torso, why not slip on one of these double-duty shirts that simultaneously broadcast your affection for Sailor Moon, Totoro, Baymax, and other heroes of animation?

We stumbled across these clever designs while browsing through the selection at Internet fashion retailer TeePublic. Starting things off, here’s a chance encounter between two of our favorite cuddly screen stars, Totoro and Baymax, with a tiny cameo by Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot.

▼ The shirt is officially called Totoro’s New Neighbors

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Speaking of Totoro, even though he’s nowhere to be seen, he’s still present in spirit on My Neighbor Luna, with Sailor Moon filling in for Mei and Satsuki at the bus stop.

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Studio Ghibli’s most recognizable icon also meshes with Toho’s literally biggest star in Studio Gojira.

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Or, if you like your citywide destruction with a Nintendo twist, here’s Yoshizilla.

▼ Although the Japanese text still reads “Yoshi”

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Baymax seems to be a particularly popular muse for TeePublic designers. Not only has he wandered into the worlds of Ghibli and Marvel via the site’s T-shirts, he’s also stopped by Gotham City…

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…and even Tatooine, or perhaps Cloud City.

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And finally, if “interactive” and “liquid” are you two favorite forms of entertainment, there’s this Hadouken Lager Beer tee which pays homage to Street Fighter and Heineken.

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In addition to the short-sleeved shirts seen above, the designs can also be configured as tank tops, long-sleeved shirts, and hoodies, and can be ordered in a variety of colors. All can be ordered directly from TeePublic (here are the links for each one). The short-sleeved shirts are priced at US$20 each, which seems like a pretty decent deal when you consider that in a sense they’re two shirts in one.

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