The popular yakiniku chain is offering the set for the duration of the summer at participating locations throughout Japan.

Gyu-Kaku is a popular chain of yakinuku restaurants in its native Japan and also has a handful of overseas locations. While it is most famous for its selection of meat cuts, which diners cook on a grill right at their table, the chain is currently offering the “Vege-Kaku” set for those who want a bit more roughage with their protein. The set includes four kinds of domestically grown produce and five specialty sauces, unlimited refills included, for 390 yen per person (US$3.50).

The produce lineup includes all-you-can-eat cilantro (aka coriander leaves, Chinese parsley), sangchu (Korean lettuce), shredded cabbage, and sliced onions. The accompanying sauces are honey mustard, red chili oil, the ambiguously labeled “ethnic sauce,” sangchu miso, and mayonnaise. By the way, if you happen to be a member of the population who inherited the gene that makes you think cilantro tastes like soap, the restaurant will leave it out of the set for you!

While diners can pair the Vege-Kaku set with any combination of meats that they desire, Gyu-Kaku has a few helpful recommendations to start you off:

Pictured above, from left to right:

  1. Gyu-Kaku beef kalbi (590 yen) with red chili oil and shredded cabbage; wrapped in sangchu
  2. Marbled pork slices (490 yen) with honey mustard and sliced onion; wrapped in sangchu
  3. Pork kalbi (490 yen) with sangchu miso, mayonnaise, and shredded cabbage; wrapped in sangchu
  4. Salted lamb (590 yen) with “ethnic sauce” and cilantro (perfect for summer!)

To promote the campaign, Gyu-Kaku has also whipped up a rather trippy, slightly disconcerting promotional video, which you can watch in its full glory below.

▼ It kind of makes you wonder–was there something extra special in those veggies…?

The Vege-Kaku set is available at participating Gyu-Kaku locations within Japan from July 12 to September 3.

Source: Entabe
Images: Gyu-Kaku