You can create these anytime, but the great price point is limited-time-only.

While Pizza Hut Japan has come up with some interesting items recently such as Oreo pizza and ramen pizza, that doesn’t mean they want you to forget the goodness of their tried-and-trues. From June 7 to June 16, Pizza Hut Japan is offering their Guilty Ura Menu–or the Guilty “Secret” Menu–featuring three spins on popular menu items.

The first item is essentially a stacked version of Pizza Hut Melts called the “Pizza no Ii Toko Kasanete Hitoguchi Ura Hut Melts”, or the “Secret Hut Melts With All the Best Pizza Parts Layered in One Bite”.

The name enough is a mouthful, but so are the four pieces of Meat Lover Hut melts stacked in cheesy and meaty layers. It has mozzarella cheese, sliced sausage, bacon, Italian sausage, and pepperoni with eight crispy dough layers. It also comes with honey mustard sauce for dipping. It’s priced at 1,580 yen (US$10).

The second secret dish is a pizza sandwich. The “Mayochiki de Chicken wo Hasanda Ura Pizza Sando“, or “Pizza Sandwich With Chicken Inside a Mayo-Chicken Pizza”, is just 780 yen.

It features a piece of crispy fried chicken sandwiched in a small-size Teriyaki Mayo Chicken Pizza folded in half. It’s a great choice for those who crave the heft of a burger but also want some delicious pizza.

And finally, the third option is a little bit of everything. The “Tabetai Chicken Zenbu Iri Ura Side Box“–or the “Secret Side Box With All the Chicken You Want”–combines all of Pizza Hut Japan’s chicken options into one box with some fries as a finishing touch.

For 1,580 yen, you can get plain boned chicken, spicy boned chicken, chicken nuggets, Japanese-style fried chicken, French fries, and honey mustard sauce. It saves you the trouble of having to order everything separately or making any stressful chicken-related decisions.

So if you’re having a day when you’re feeling extra-hungry or really in the mood for some chicken or pizza, consider ordering from the not-so-secret secret menu. It’s only available until June 16, but if you don’t make it in time, consider this as inspiration for what to create with your next Pizza Hut Japan order.

Source and images: PR Times
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