Our foodie Meg takes on Subway Japan’s ridiculously big, surprisingly cheap Giant Sub sandwich

Beautifully braided, humorously huge, and astoundingly affordable.

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Breakfast donut sandwiches are now one of Japan’s cheapest, craziest morning meal options

Mr. Donut looked at a donut and said, “You know what would make that better? If we stuck some ham in it.”

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Tokyo’s matcha green tea tuna sandwiches: A culinary wonder we didn’t know we needed until now

And they’ve even got a special surprise in place of ordinary bread.

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Baskin Robbins sandwiches are going on sale in Japan

These aren’t ice cream sandwiches, either, but an all-new treat.

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How huge of an egg sandwich can you get at Subway with 10,000 yen? We found out

That’s not even a photo of the completed sandwich.

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Japan has a chicken sandwich with hot sauce so spicy you have to sign a consent form to eat it

Lotteria, the craziest fast food chain in Japan, ups the insanity with its new ghost pepper sauce sandwich.

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【Lucky Bag Roundup 2017】Subway sandwich chain brings us a bag of goodies for New Year

We stick to our New Year’s resolutions for eating healthy with a fukubukuro from the biggest sandwich chain in the world.

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Japan’s Morning McDonald’s menu ditches healthy for tons of volume

Nothing says “I’m lovin’ it” more than McHeart Attack.

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Swanky Tokyo hotel’s 2.2-pound bacon cheeseburger has us wanting to book a room for the food coma

Some would say it’s wrong to go to a fancy steakhouse and order a burger. If so, then we don’t want to be right.

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Japan now has ramen sandwiches

Be still, our beating, ramen-loving hearts.

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Turn your toast green with new matcha green tea cream spread from Japan

Say goodbye to butter and jam because now it’s time to enjoy matcha toast and sandwiches!

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Our reporter tries to order a 100-slice beef sandwich at Subway Japan【Photos】

At Japan’s branches of Subway, what you might think of as more conventional sandwich toppings—like cheese or vegetables—wrestle for space on the menu with other optional extras, like a scoop of tuna mayonnaise or five prawns for 100 yen. And when a man like our very own reporter P.K. Sanjun sees that he can have his Subway sandwich topped with an extra five prawns, his first thought is: “I wonder how many prawns I could fit in one sandwich?!”

So when P.K. heard that there were actually secret toppings that you can order at Subway, and that one of those off-menu toppings was roast beef, he prepared his brain, and his stomach, for an extra-large order, and headed to Subway to find out: just how much beef can one Japanese sandwich hold?!

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Incredibly clever loaf-of-bread-turned-lunch-box is truly the best thing since sliced bread

I’ve always found it a little weird when someone describes something as, “The best thing since sliced bread.” Sure, the convenience of not having to get out a knife and make the cuts yourself is nice and all, but is it really worth getting that excited over?

But then again, it would be sort of a pain if you were having a potluck party with a group of people, and someone just brought a whole, unsliced loaf of bread. Unless, of course, it had an awesome surprise waiting inside, like this one did.

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We’re hard-pressed to find anything not delicious in the new tamatoro pressed tonkatsu sandwich

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that people in Japan don’t like fried food. Well, you can let them say it, but don’t believe them. As skilled as the country is with lighter fare such as sushi and nabe hot pot, Japanese cuisine can totally nail fried food, as proven by tonkatsu, or deep-fried pork cutlet.

One of the tastiest ways to eat tonkatsu is served over rice and topped with a fried egg, a dish called katsudon. Conversely, you can also slap two pieces of bread around it and make a katsu sandwich, which allows you to enjoy your cutlet on the go, or theoretically hold one in each hand and eat two at a time.

Sadly, eating your tonkatsu in sandwich form used to mean giving up all that delicious, gooey egg. That’s all changed now, though, thanks to the awesome tamatoro sandwiches now on sale in Tokyo that let you have the best of both worlds.

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Subway cuts prices for two days, helps out those watching their weight and unable to cook alike

With just days left until Japan’s consumption tax jumps from five to eight percent, we’ve resigned ourselves to having to suddenly pay a little bit more for, well, just about everything. So it’s nice to know that this week brings one last hurrah for budget-based pricing, as for two days Subway is cutting us all a break by knocking the price of two of their most popular sandwiches down to almost half of what they ordinarily go for.

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