A stroke of genius, or just a lot of sugar and gelatin?

Among popular Japanese convenience store snacks like seasonal sweets, onigiri, and bento are jelly drinks. These semi-solid packets boast possible benefits such as iron supplements, a boost in energy, or even supplements designed specifically for gamers. Plus, they’re pretty tasty.

But what happens if you mix one of each jelly drink together? That’s exactly what our Japanese-language reporter Yuuichiro Wasai set to find out for us. On this particular day, he was exhausted and hoping the jelly drink that promised a “10-second charge” would do the trick–even if it’s a placebo effect.

After grabbing one of each jelly drink from the convenience store shelf, he ended up with 12 different types.

1. Cycle.me Jelly Muscat & Almond Milk
2. Cycle.me Jelly Blueberry & Cranberry
3. Cycle.me Jelly Banana & Acai
4. in Jelly Energy
5. in Jelly Glucose Energy
6. in Jelly Multimineral
7. in Jelly Multivitamin
8. in Jelly Protein
9. Minute Maid Morning Banana
10. Lipovitan Jelly
11. Instant Energy Amino Acid & Royal Jelly
12. Perfect Vitamin 1 Day Vitamins Grapefruit Jelly

Typing out all of those names only made Yuuichiro tired, so he got to mixing them right away. Since he was the only one experimenting, he opted to add a bit of each jelly drink rather than the whole packet.

He started with Cycle.me Jelly Muscat & Almond Milk, which made for a quite visually appealing start. Yuuichiro started to wonder if he’d end up with something Instagram-worthy.

After three minutes of jelly potion-making, however, he ended up with a…questionable-looking concoction, at best. It definitely didn’t look delicious.

He took a sip with about 20 percent hope and 80 percent anxiety…

and thought it was delicious!

It was fruity, almost like apple juice and pineapple juice mixed together. No complaints about the taste here. Yuuichiro did think the texture was a bit iffy, but the flavor made up for it.

He can’t say whether or not it helped his energy levels, but if you’re looking for something to experiment with, Yuuichiro recommends giving it a try! For now, he has the remnants of 12 jelly drinks to work through.

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