Feedback from e-sport pros leads to reworked recipe for video gaming success.

This month, video gaming took the step into its next generation with the launch of new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. So it’s only appropriate that as developers achieve advances in hardware and software, Japan’s drinkable for-gamers nutritional supplements keep pace and evolve too.

Food and beverage company Morinaga has several supplement types in its “in Jelly” line, with one, Game Booster, specifically designed to increase concentration while playing video games. We tried some for ourselves back in the spring, but now Morinaga is ready to roll out its sequel. The company is following the PlayStation naming strategy and simply calling the new drink in Jelly Game Booster Ver. 2.0., and not something convoluted like “in Jelly Game Booster One Series S.”

The new gamer fuel retains the primary ingredient list of GABA natural amino acids, Vitamin A, and blueberry extract. However, after getting feedback from professional e-sport competitors that the original in Jelly Game Booster was too sweet, the recipe has been modified for a milder flavor, which should help keep the focus on the on-screen action instead of shocking the taste buds. In addition, the Ver. 2.0 comes in more compact 150-gram (5.3-ounce) pouches, making them something you can easily gulp down in their entirety, which is handy since they’re supposed to be a mid-match pick-me-up, not something you pre-load before starting the game.

in Jelly Game Booster Ver. 2.0 is priced at 220 yen (US$2.10) and goes on sale exclusively through Amazon Japan on November 27, making it an easy addition to your bundle of Black Friday-discounted games.

Source: Morinaga (1, 2) via Entabe
Images: Amazon Japan/ブランド: BODY SUPPORT W(ボディーサポート ダブリュー)
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