”You are already popping.”

There are a lot of martial arts anime/manga series out there, but Fist of the North Star sets itself apart in two ways. One is the post-apocalyptic setting, and the other is that when protagonist Kenshiro unleashes his full power, the evildoers on the receiving end of his punches literally explode.

They don’t blow up immediately, though. The effect is delayed, giving the bad guy time to start gloating about how Kenshiro’s punches didn’t hurt at all. But then, as he’s laughing, the villain will start to notice a tingling sensation, which grows and grows until –BOOM– his head bursts.

And now that sequence is the inspiration for a refreshing new soft drink!

Japanese convenience store chain Family Mart has created what it calls the Fist of the North Star Shuwapachi Jelly Drink (or “Fizz Pop Gelatin Drink” ). Much like a martial artist has to train in order to master high-level techniques, there’s a bit of work you’ll have to do on your end in order to raise this drink to its ultimate form. The Shuwapachi Jelly Drink comes with two packets, one with shuwashuwa powder and one with pachipachi powder, which add a carbonation-like fizz and popping candy-style kick when you mix them into the “soda”-flavored (Japanese sweets jargon for a light citrus/apple cider) beverage.

▼ It’s like a Hundred Crack Fist of the North Star party in your mouth, and Kenshiro is invited!

“You are already popping,” says Kenshiro in the above promotional image. The three different designs for the package, meanwhile, feature famous lines of actual dialogue from Fist of the North Star, which is currently celebrating the 40th anniversary of the manga’s debut.

The Fist of the North Star Shuwapachi Jelly Drink is on sale now, priced at 278 yen (US$2.05).

Source: Family Mart, PR Times
Top image: Family Mart
Insert images: Family Mart, PR Times
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