S x F vs. SF.

After husband/spy Loid and daughter/telepath Anya were the foci of most of Spy x Family’s Season 1 episodes, the second season of the anime TV series has been shining a spotlight on wife/assassin Yor’s missions and motivations for the past several weeks. Now Yor is getting yet another chance to shine as she goes toe-to-toe, literally, with the self-proclaimed strongest woman in the world, Street Fighter’s Chun-Li.

Though the fight’s opening is framed like a round in video game developer Capcom’s seminal fighting franchise, the video is actually a piece of animation produced by Wit Studio, one of the anime production companies behind the Spy x Family anime series and its upcoming theatrical feature, Spy × Family Code: White.

▼ When Yor and Chun-Li’s kicks meet, the impact erupts into a paint splatter effect, just like the super moves in Street Fighter 6.

Despite the fierce fighting moves on display, neither combatant’s strikes seem to be powered by genuine malice, as the video closes with both Yor and Chun-Li smiling, seemingly happy to have found a worthy opponent who gives them an opportunity to fully flex their martial arts mastery.

That doesn’t mean either of them is backing down, though. While the video ends mid-match, the on-screen text for its Japanese-language version promises “Fight video to be released on January 9.”

▼ The English-language video, meanwhile, simply says that we can “Witness the spectacle” on that date.

Another reason to mark January 9 on your calendar is that that’s when a collection of Spy × Family Code: White and Street Fighter 6 collaboration items will become available within the Street Fighter 6 game, although Capcom is still mum on what exactly they’ll be. In the meantime, the collaboration’s key art is pretty slick, especially with Anya and Li-Fen watching side by side as their adoptive mother figures trade blows.

No word on whether Loid and Ryu will be exchanging fashion tips, though, as they both seem pretty set in their respective styles.

Source: YouTube/CapcomChannel
Top image: YouTube/CapcomChannel
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