Whether you’re a kid experiencing the martial arts classic for the first time, or a Vegeta-loving veteran fan with a receding hairline, you’ll look great in these.

With Halloween just over a month away, it’s time to start planning what you, or maybe your kids, will be wearing on October 31. Sure, you could just go with something from whatever the summer’s most popular blockbuster movie was, but if you’re looking for a costume from a franchise that can stand the test of time, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something with more enduring popularity than martial arts anime Dragon Ball Z.

Luckily, Japanese paper craft company Showa Note is ready to dress you in lightweight style with a set of Dragon Ball Z Battle Armor. The latest addition to the company’s cardboard costume line, the outfit’s pieces comes on perforated slabs of cardboard which you assemble using the kit’s included plastic brackets. English instructions are included, and no tools are required, so you can show off the muscular strength you’ve developed as an interstellar bare knuckle brawler by tearing the parts off of the connecting sheet with your bare hands.


Two sizes are available. The 3,480-yen (US$34) kids’ size fits wearers between 100 and 130 centimeters (39 and 51 inches) tall, while the larger 3,980-yen set is for adults between 150 and 180 centimeters.

▼ You’ll have to find your own blue shirt and pants to wear under the armor.



Both sizes are scheduled to start showing up in Japanese novelty retailers later this month, and in early October they’ll also be available online in special versions on Amazon Japan (search for着れちゃう!ダンボールドラゴンボールZ 戦闘服) that carry a 500-yen premium over the regular models, but include a Scanner eyepiece, as seen in the anime and manga.

Source: IT Media
Images: Showa Note (edited by RocketNews24)

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