A dessert fit for a king, queen, and several other members of the royal family.

According to Japanese candy company Meiji, every person has, as a child, had a dream where they saw a giant castle made out of chocolate and candy. Honestly, I’m not sure that’s such a universal childhood experience, but I think it’s safe to say that if you have a serious sweet tooth, Meiji’s latest offering looks like the sort of thing that would be too wonderful to exist in real life.

They’re calling it the Big Big Castle Made Out of Candy Like You Saw in Your Dream as a Kid Kit, and the repeated adjective feels pretty justified here, considering how huge it is: two square meters (21.5 square feet) of sweets, measuring about one meter (3.3 feet) tall at its highest point.

“Lots of space required” says the helpful note in the top right corner.

As for the “Kit” part of the name, that’s because there’s some, or actually a lot of, assembly required on your part. The kit’s candy components ship in total of 16 boxes, and Meiji thoughtfully estimates how much space you’ll need just to stack them before putting the castle together.

▼ So in addition to the materials to make a candy castle, you probably also get enough for a cardboard fort too.

Surprisingly, for as intricate as the edible architecture is, it’s all made with Meiji’s familiar, affordable chocolate snacks, of the kind sold in ordinary supermarkets and convenience stores across Japan. The trick is in how you arrange them.

▼ The building materials for this section of the castle can be seen at the bottom left.

Meiji says they expect the castle to be assembled and eaten as a team project between friends and family, so they even sort the sections into easy, medium, and difficult levels so that you can divide the work smoothly.

▼ Please note that the star ratings refer only to the difficulty of putting the section together, not the difficulty in resisting the temptation to eat the candy before assembly.

Meiji hasn’t made any official estimate of how long the castle should take to build, but it’s safe to assume that it’s a pretty major time investment. It’s also a pretty major monetary investment, at least as far as sweets are concerned, as it’s priced at 272,200 yen (US$1,880).

That may sound like a candy king’s ransom, but even Meiji itself doesn’t expect many people to purchase the entire kit, as they’re offering only five complete sets, exclusively through Amazon Japan here. Instead, they expect that more people will be interested in the much more manageable activity of assembling just a section or two of the castle, and to help you do that, they’ve released the instructions through the company’s Twitter account.

▼ 1-star sections

▼ 2-star sections

▼ 3-star sections

Again, since the building materials are all readily available kinds of Meiji chocolate snacks, with no special molds, brackets, or other equipment required, all you have to do is pick up the required foodstuffs at the store, and you can make as much or as little of the castle as you want. You can even use them to design your own original castle, and we promise not to judge you if you make roaring dragon noises as you eat it.

Source: PR Times via FNN Prime Online via Livedoor News via Jin
Images: PR Times
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