Adults and kids alike will love it.

At the beginning of one of his many journeys to report from a far-flung location for the team, our Japanese-language reporter Masanuki Sunakoma found himself at Tokyo Station’s JR Expressway Bus station for the very first time. To calm his nerves for the impending trip and to ease his curiosity of being in a new place, he decided to check out their merch shop and found within it a pleasant surprise.

It was a collection of goods from Hato Bus, an expressway bus company known for some pretty unique tours, like that one tour run by host club hosts. One item in particular stood out to Masanuki.

▼ Can you guess what it is?

It’s the Hato Friction Bus, a 38-centimeter (14.9-inch) model of the Hato Bus we all know and love–or at least Masanuki does. He figured it would be a pretty cool Tokyo souvenir, so he bought it for the cheap price of 2,500 yen (US$17.00).

Similar items like the Hato Original Sound Bus–a model that has real recordings of brakes and doors opening and closing–also caught his eye, but he was excited to unwrap his sizable purchase.

Unfortunately, this Friction Bus doesn’t make any noises, but there is a version with lights and sounds available for 4,400 yen. Masanuki decided simpler was better, forgoing the bells and whistles.

▼ This present would make anyone happy…right?

It may be just a big plastic model, but it’s also a standout decorative piece that–unlike the version with lights and sounds–doesn’t require any batteries. As for its features, well…we’ll show you.

▼ Turning a knob at the top of the bus makes the door open and close, smooth as butter.

▼ You can open the trunk space at the bottom, the perfect spot for hiding secret candy.

▼ There are two sides for double the secrets.

And perhaps the best part? If you pull it back a bit, it will move forward on its own! That’s the “friction” part of “Friction Bus”.

Speaking from a mature perspective, it would be better as a decoration than as a toy due to the amount of noise it makes when it runs. But if you have kids or you’re a kid at heart, make that Friction Bus go!

This official model looks just like the real deal, down to the logos and green license plates.

All in all, Masanuki was thoroughly pleased with his find. He might go back for the model with sounds some day. And if he buys enough of them, he can replicate the 60-bus maze that Hato Bus created during the pandemic!

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