Tropical treats arrive just in time for the start of summer.

McDonald’s Japan regularly adds matcha sweets to its menu, most recently with the matcha pies that debuted earlier this spring. So it might seem kind of odd that McDonald’s Japan is letting everyone know they’re about to roll out a new “Asian Sweets” lineup, given that there’s already often a Japanese element to the chain’s dessert offerings.

The key point here, however, is that within Japan, the word “Asia” is usually used to refer to other Asian countries, not Japan. To Japanese ears, “Asia” especially brings up images of southeast Asia, and the Asian Sweets line is focused on tropical fruit flavors.

First up is the brand-new Salt Lychee McShake. Flavored with lychee juice, this enticingly aromatic milk shake also gets a dash of salt to contrast with the sweet and tangy notes of the tropical fruit, which should make it refreshingly cooling and invigorating on a hot summer day or night.

Next is the McFlurry Annin Mango, which takes inspiration, and part of its name, from annindofu, what Japan calls almond tofu. Almond tofu cream and mango puree enhance the milky soft serve ice cream, and sprinkled on top are bits of crushed corn snacks with almond flavoring.

Finally, the Banana Caramel Pie is the newest addition to the long line of mouthwatering McDonald’s pies, with a banana puree filling mingling with the creamy caramel, with brown sugar and condensed milk mixed in too to give it a little something extra in flavor complexity and decadence.

Prices start at 170 yen (US$1.10) for the Salt Lychee McShake, 200 yen for the Banana Caramel Pie, and 320 yen for the McFlurry Annin Mango, with all three going on sale June 5.

Source, images: McDonald’s Japan
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