Say hello to summer with the sweet tang of a new cheesecake McFlurry made with a very special Japanese citrus fruit.

This summer, McDonald’s Japan will be showcasing a very special local Japanese product from the sunny prefecture of Miyazaki on the southern island of Kyushu. Called the hyuganatsu, the special citrus fruit takes its name from the area in which it originates, Hyuga, which is an old name for Miyazaki Prefecture, and natsu, the Japanese word for summer. The “Hyuga Summer” fruit is believed to be a hybrid between the pomelo and the Japanese yuzu citrus fruit, first appearing by chance in a garden in 1820. Now, the sweet and juicy, yet slightly sour fruit is one of the region’s most famed products, and is set to appear as the star ingredient in the next hotly anticipated McFlurry release from McDonald’s Japan.


The Hyuganatsu Cheesecake McFlurry contains a creamy, soft ice cream, blended with a special sauce made with fresh hyuganatsu from Miyazaki that perfectly captures all the sweet, sour and fragrant notes of the Japanese citrus. The icy dessert will also feature a cheesecake filling made with locally sourced cheddar cheese and cream cheese from the Oceania region, and will be topped with pieces of soft sponge-cake to provide a rich texture to the sweet. Out of all the delicious ingredients, which will be served up in the signature frozen McFlurry style, it’s the sauce that’s said to be the highlight, with pieces of peel, fruit juice and puree carefully blended to bring a real, natural flavour to the dessert.

Available from 1 June to the end of July, the new McFlurry will retail for 290 yen (US$2.64). As a special treat for customers in the producing region, 17 stores in Miyazaki will be offering the dessert ahead of the official release date, from 27 May.

Source, Images: McDonald’s Japan