The famous Ispahan rose macaron cake is just one of the sweet delights making its doughnut debut.

Mister Donut is one of the most popular doughnut chains in Japan, with customers frequently seen queuing outside their doors to try some of their limited-edition releases, ranging from Poké Balls and Pikachus through to matcha delights from a 150-year-old Kyoto tea manufacturer

Now the queues will be forming once again, with the announcement that famed French pattiserie chain Pierre Hermé will be teaming up with the doughnut chain for a brand new collection inspired by some of Hermé’s most popular sweets.

As the first collaboration ever with an overseas brand, the Misdo x Pierre Hermé collection consists of six different doughnuts.

First up is the Pon de Ispahan (180 yen [US$1.66]) which contains the same rose, lychee and framboise flavours as Pierre Hermé’s flagship product, the Ispahan.

The doughnut version of the iconic sweet contains rose and lychee flavoured cream sandwiched in between Misdo’s famous Pon de Ring shape, and decorated with framboise-flavoured chocolate icing and granules.

Next up is the Satine Fashion (170 yen), which dresses up Mister Donut’s crispy old-fashioned doughnut with the same mousse-like cream cheese and orange passionfruit from the patisserie’s Satine Cheesecake.

Then there’s the Carrément Chocolat (Chocolat Noir) for 220 yen, styled on Hermé’s Carrément Chocolat, with ganache whip, ganache cream, and candied almonds sandwiched in a doughnut that delivers fluffy, melty, and crunchy textures at the same time. This is said to be an irresistible treat for chocolate lovers.

Next up in the range are three Cruller-style doughnuts, priced at 230 yen each, which are designed to mimic the texture of the tart bases used in many Pierre Hermé desserts.

The Chloe (Chocola and Framboise) reimagines the patisserie’s Tart Chloe, which marries rich chocolate with raspberry on a cornmeal shortcrust pastry.

The Mogador (chocolat and orange and passionfruit) delivers a cruller filled with ganache cream, ganache whip, and orange and passionfruit jam. On top is a rich slathering of chocolate, finished with candied orange peel pieces.

Rounding off the collection is the Plénitude (chocolat & caramel), which incorporates the same flavours as Hermé’s Plénitude chocolate cake, with salted caramel cream, a salted whipped ganache, and a candied almond topping.

The Misdo Meets Pierre Hermé Patisserie Doughnut Collection will go on sale at Mister Donut stores around Japan for a limited time from 10 January to late February. 

Source, images: PR Times
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