Traditional Kyoto sweets meet the Pokémon elite in these treats to beat the heat.

Wagashi, traditional Japanese-style confectionaries, are usually consumed with tea and are pleasing not only to the palate, but to the eye as well. This feature is no more apparent than in traditional sweets from Kyoto called kyogashi, which usually incorporate seasonal imagery, classical Japanese poetry motifs, or anything else that’s contemporarily culturally relevant in their design.

So what happens when you combine decades-old craftsmanship with a modern pop culture phenomenon? Kyoto’s Shichijo Kanshundo confectionary shop, open since 1865, is teaming up yet again with the Pokémon franchise to deliver some summer-themed sweet treats. If the previous collaborations are any indication, we’re in for a playful yet refined snack time this season.

▼ The summer collection will go on sale at Shichijo Kanshundo locations in Kyoto, Tokyo, and its online store on June 29.

First up, the four-piece High-Quality Namagashi Pokémon Summer Set (2,916 yen [US$18.26]) is available by lottery only (which has unfortunately already concluded), with pickup at either the Shichjo Kanshundo Kyoto Main Store or the Kita-Senju Marui Department Store in Tokyo on five specified days between July 6 and August 7. Namagashi, which literally translates to “raw confectionaries,” are soft, chewy, and sweet, but because of their handmade nature, have a short shelf life.

▼ These Squirtle, Jirachi, Bergmite, and Clodsire namagashi are lovingly crafted with water from Kyoto’s Higashiyama district. Just look at the detail on Squirtle’s shell!

Next, the three-piece Senbei Summer Set (1,728 yen) consists of rice crackers made from wheat gluten and glutinous rice among other ingredients, then lightly baked piece by piece. The Pokémon motifs were illustrated by a true craftsman.

▼ Pikachu and Jirachi meet in front of a bamboo branch for the summer Tanabata Festival, Charizard turns up the heat, and Chimecho tries to cool down with the soothing sounds of wind chimes.

Lastly, the Pokémon Yokan Summer Set (2,484 yen) is an exquisitely crafted Japanese-style confection made from red bean paste, agar, and sugar. Its blue hues will cool you down just by admiring its artistry.

▼ Can you spy the outlines of Piplup and Luvdisc swimming in the sparkling water?

The latter two items will be available at the Shichijo Kanshundo Kyoto Main Store, JR Kyoto Isetan Department Store, Fushimi Otesuji Store (Kyoto), Kita-Senju Marui Department Store (Tokyo), and the Shichijo Kanshundo online store beginning on June 29. Stock is limited since each sweet is handmade, one by one. If you’re visiting Kyoto soon, be sure to add one of the locations to your walking tour itinerary to purchase a truly memorable souvenir from Japan’s ancient capital.

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Source, images: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
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