Mr. Sato presents the salad rice cracker showdown (no salads involved)【Taste test】

Seven scrumptious salad senbei, one wonderful winner.

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Wet rice crackers? Trying nure-senbei for the first time【Taste test】

These aren’t your typical senbei.

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We go to a 7-Eleven in Aomori and find a surprising “one per family” item on the shelf

This is a popular food in the city of Hachinohe, but is it as good as its popularity warrants?

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A senbero with deer in Nara Park turns into a weird fever dream

We should’ve known better than to attempt a 200-yen senbero in a park during a heatwave.

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How to make an ice cream sandwich…the Japanese way

Grandma always knows best. 

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New “wet” potato chips revolutionise the snack industry in Japan

Not in Japan to try them? We’ve got you covered with a hack to make wet chips at home, no matter where you are in the world!

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We smash up some rock-hard rice crackers with a hammer to find out which one is the toughest

These Japanese senbei may be the hardest-to-eat snacks in the world, literally.

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Nara’s “deer cookie” rice crackers get their first price increase in 28 years

Makers of iconic tourism treat cite rising costs and sales tax hike as reasons.

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Foreigner in Japan gets “scary Cretaceous cookies” at work, Japanese wife can’t wait to eat them

Proof that one country’s horror is another’s hunger.

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During Golden Week rush, Nara deer so overwhelmed with rice crackers they wear them as hats

“The burden of my stomach is second only to the burden of my crown.”

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Unsatisfied customer returns “moldy” Japanese cracker to company, receives an essay in return

Netizens are impressed with how manufacturer admits fault and tackles the problem scientifically.

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Frozen senbei packaging “looks like Anna hailing a cab for drunk Elsa” 【Pic】

“No Elsa! Please don’t ‘let it go’ all over my dress!”

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Japanese ads for “lickable mushrooms” and “sopping wet senbei” are as dirty as you can imagine

With an attractive woman suggestively licking mushroom-shaped candy, and instructions to “shoot your load of ‘secret sauce’ over the cracker”, these commercials don’t hold back.

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Step aside, fortune cookies! Here come fortune cat rice crackers from Japan!

Fortune cookies can be sort of anti-climactic, can’t they? Most of the time, that little slip of paper just reminds you of some pearl of wisdom to help you make yourself a better person, instead of giving you the inside information on the future that you really wanted so that you could succeed in life without all that bothersome self-improvement stuff.

On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine anyone being disappointed if they cracked open their snack to find an adorably chubby cat figurine.

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Crackers soaked in sea urchin available for a limited time, skull-rattlingly delicious

I’d like to fancy myself a man of refined tastes. When I eat ice cream it certainly ought to be rose flavored. My colas? Well, they better be of an unexplained taste. And when it comes to crackers, I accept nothing less than those doused in the essence of sea urchins.

And now you can too! All you have to do is pick up a pack of Waza No Koda Wari Noko Uni Shoyu crackers at your local food vendor this winter season.

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Oh… yummy! New snack to hit Japan: giant isopod senbei rice crackers!

We’ve already mentioned how fond we are of deep sea creatures here in Japan, in particular the giant isopod that has been turned into various products from phone cases to gachapon toys. Well, now it seems that Yamaki Honpo, a maker of traditional Japanese senbei (rice crackers), has taken the Japanese love of isopods to new heights. They’ve come up with … yes, you guessed it, Giant Isopod senbei crackers! And while we can certainly understand how people might find these creatures fascinating, we have to say, we’re honestly not sure how to react to this new snack. Bug crackers, seriously?

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Japanese wasp-filled crackers: Their sting is far worse than a bite

Although the above picture might look like something out of a nightmare, these crackers are very real and on sale in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

It’s a senbei, which is a Japanese style of rice cracker, that in this instance, has had a bunch of wasps added to it for flavor or…health or something. We don’t know why exactly but we recently had the pleasure of sitting down with a bag of wasp crackers, only to find that they actually weren’t nearly as horrifying as you might expect.

They were only partially horrifying.

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Edible iPhone 5 Case Made From Rice Cracker Protects Your Life but not Your iPhone

On the eve of a large-scale natural disaster, preparedness is everything. Sure smartphones can keep us in contact with the rest of world when traditional communication networks are down, but Twitter won’t help you much when food supplies start running low.

That’s where the “Survival Senbei iPhone 5 Case” comes in. This special case is made entirely from Japanese brown rice and salt, baked into a crispy golden-brown senbei rice cracker that fits snugly around your iPhone 5.

An iPhone that you can eat in times of crisis: this must be the future that Steve Jobs envisioned for the device! You just might want to avoid walking around with it your pocket…

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