Beautiful Japanese dessert looks like cube of crystal-blue water, only sold at convenience store

Gorgeous enough for the fanciest restaurant in Tokyo, this is actually available only from one of Japan’s most popular convenience store chains.

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Slice into a traditional sweet range with some of Japan’s most famous swords

The beautifully designed metal replicas are modelled on real-life weapons that come with amazing historical stories

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Get into the groove with this beautiful Japanese confection that looks like a piano keyboard!

Have you ever tried yokan? It’s a delightfully smooth jelly-type Japanese dessert typically made with red bean paste and agar. It’s quite thick in consistency so it could be described as something in-between a cake and jelly, and it usually comes in a long, solid block form which you cut into smaller pieces to eat. The dessert has a history in Japan going back centuries, and now, a shop in Southern Japan has come out with a jazzy, stunningly modern take on the traditional sweet. It’s the Jazz Yokan, artfully created with the look of a piano keyboard, and just looking at it may make you want to play some music!

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