bubble slime

Village Vanguard is at it again, this time with antidote-flavored green slime curry

Last year, “exciting bookstore” Village Vanguard brought us Dragon Quest-inspired blue Slime Curry. Despite its decidedly unappealing appearance, as we found out the taste wasn’t half bad. Quite the opposite really, as our brave writer who sampled the gloppy, blue, boil-in-the-pouch curry ate it right up.

But just in case you haven’t quite had enough foul-looking food action, Village Vanguard has cooked up a new green version of its Slime Curry, this time in “Antidote Flavor“!

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Our Reporter Heads to Barcelona, Eats Delicious Dragon Quest Bubble Slime

During her recent trip to the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain, RocketNews24 Japan writer Megumi stumbled upon something that, to her videogame-tuned eyes, could look like only one thing.

The above image is one taken by Megumi when she visited the fantastic Brunells patisserie, or Pastisseria i salode te Brunells to be more exact, showing what is known as a “melonmelon” sweet. Although you and I see little more than a piece of rich, sugary confection, when Megumi first laid eyes on this delightful little green tongue pleaser, she could only think of one thing: a Bubble Slime from the hugely popular Dragon Quest role-playing games.

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