Pikachu, Kirby, Slime and Miffy served up as delicious dumpling delights【Pics, Video】

Popular characters made edible by one talented Japanese netizen.

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Dragon Quest town and adventure RPG attraction coming to Japanese theme park

Dragon Quest Island sends you and your companion Slime on a quest to defeat the evil Zoma.

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Japan’s Dragon Quest Slime fish cakes draw near, and possibly for free【Photos】

It’s time to treat yourself to a new experience point with some extra-adorable Slime and She-slime kamaboko.

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What would Dragon Quest look like in real life? Fan’s Slime travel photo series shows us【Photos】

Come on, Slime! We’re going for a walk.

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Japanese mom’s hand-made Slime masks draw near, boost kid’s cuteness and protection stats【Photos】

Kids (or you) not happy about having to wear a mask? Turn it into cute Dragon Quest cosplay instead.

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Enjoy some slime tea time with the Dragon Quest kyusu teapot from the Square Enix e-Shop【Photos】

Disclaimer: This teapot will not make your tea taste like slime or otherwise imbue it with evil energies.

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Slime bread arrives in Japanese convenience stores and in our Dragon Quest-loving bellies

”Slime-flavored” pastry teaches us that the famous video game monsters are actually delicious!

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A slime appears…in real-life Japan! Command? Watch this adorable video【Video】

Is…is Dragon Quest real?!?

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Proof that Japanese Twitter users have Dragon Quest on the brain 【Pictures】

Brain-addled fans of the hugely popular Dragon Quest game series see it in everything around them.

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Nintendo announces New 2DS XL handheld, Japan gets exclusive color, elegant special edition【Vid】

Hot on the heels of the Switch, here comes another awesome-looking piece of Nintendo hardware.

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Humongous Dragon Quest Slimes appear at park in Japan【Photos】

Slimes draw near following conclusion of rice field art project.

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Celebrate Dragon Quest’s 30th anniversary by suppressing slimes on your smartphone

The limited-time game has you and the rest of the world pitted against the franchise’s ooey-gooey mascot character–100 million of them, in fact! 

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Slime-y guitar is not something you will find in a Dragon Quest game, but you can in real life

This fan’s custom guitar job will have all the Dragon Quest fans rocking out.

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We try bright blue Dragon Quest slime curry, live to tell the tale

A few weeks ago, we told you about Village Vanguard’s launch of Slime Curry, a rather curious blue foodstuff inspired by the bad-guy blobs of the Dragon Quest series. Not content with just informing you of its existence, one of the Japanese reporters at our sister site Pouch bravely volunteered to try the curry for herself and report back if she survived. Here’s what she had to say.

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Mr. Sato shows up in costume, is the first to purchase an iPhone 6 Plus, meets Ken Watanabe AGAIN

With the goal of being the first in line to purchase an iPhone 6 Plus, Mr. Sato, our most outlandish reporter, parked himself in front of the Marunouchi Docomo store on September 15. After several nights living on the streets, finally the day had come! On the morning of September 19 at 8am, Mr. Sato, blue slime costume and all, purchased his coveted Apple gadget, but not before meeting famous actors and taking center stage in an interview. Here is his story.

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Newsflash: Silver “Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition” PlayStation 4 unveiled by Sony 【Updated】

If the standard black and Destiny-themed white models of PlayStation 4 aren’t quite exotic enough for you, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan might have just the thing. That is, of course, providing you like your gaming with a dose of slime…

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, say hello to the Dragon Quest “Metal Slime Edition” PlayStation 4.

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Cooking magic — Take a look at this beautiful water cake turned into Dragon Quest slime!

Remember the beautiful transparent water cakes we told you about back in June that we went all the way to Yamanashi Prefecture to try? Well, we might have expected it, but someone has come up with a fun, creative take on the water cake that has been delighting Japanese Internet users. And we have to say, we too are hugely impressed by the creation — Dragon Quest slime in a clear, jelly-like form!

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March over to Yahoo! Games for the beta release of Dragon Quest Monster Parade!

Dragon Quest is a long-running series of role-playing video games with a sizeable selection of spin-offs, novels, manga, and anime adaptations. Most people recognize it for its mascot, the mostly harmless bouncing blue slime, a googly-eyed monster present in each of the title’s many incarnations.

Although Dragon Quest is usually categorized as a console game, the newest title to be added to their list of very special spin-offs is an online PC game playable through Yahoo! Games. It’s called Dragon Quest Monster Parade and is sure to draw the attention of slime lovers everywhere! Curious parties can try out the game’s open beta test starting in just a couple days, and anyone who registers to play early will get a special present from makers Square Enix!

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Our Reporter Heads to Barcelona, Eats Delicious Dragon Quest Bubble Slime

During her recent trip to the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain, RocketNews24 Japan writer Megumi stumbled upon something that, to her videogame-tuned eyes, could look like only one thing.

The above image is one taken by Megumi when she visited the fantastic Brunells patisserie, or Pastisseria i salode te Brunells to be more exact, showing what is known as a “melonmelon” sweet. Although you and I see little more than a piece of rich, sugary confection, when Megumi first laid eyes on this delightful little green tongue pleaser, she could only think of one thing: a Bubble Slime from the hugely popular Dragon Quest role-playing games.

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【Rocket Food】 Dragon Quest Slime: Cute, Delicious and Made in Four Easy Steps!

Dragon Quest fan? Hungry? Have a few spare minutes? You’re in luck, my friend!

Thanks to the culinary creatives over at Japanese website Bistro Animeshi, we’re about to bring you the first of what we hope will be many recipes for character and anime-themed food! That’s right, over the past few years we’ve tendered to your loins, tickled your funny-bones and now we’re aiming to tantalize your tonsils.

If it’s in the Ghibli movies, we’ll help you recreate it! If you once saw One Piece‘s Luffy shove it down his neck, we’re on it. From the tasty to the downright weird, we’re here to help you cook up your anime dreams.

Welcome… to Rocket Food!

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