Chiba Zoo

Japanese Internet charmed by zoo duck frantically chasing gaggle of geese【Video】

”Wait for meeeee!”

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Earthquake rocks Japan, but zoo’s gorilla pulls a honey badger and just don’t care

As an island nation that sits on a number of major tectonic lines, Japan is no stranger to earthquakes. But the frequency of quakes by no means makes people any less afraid of them, especially after the disastrous 2011 Tohoku earthquake which left great swathes of Northeastern Japan in ruins.

So it’s quite reasonable that the Magnitude-5.6 earthquake which occurred on Monday, May 25 caused a bit of a panic. Despite being centered in Ibaraki Prefecture and affecting surrounding areas such as Tokyo and Saitama, there were, thankfully, no reports of any damage or injuries. But even so, many were still left with their nerves quite shaken.

That is, except for this super-chill gorilla at Chiba Zoo, who seemed straight-up bored, if anything.

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