Adorable chinchilla from Japan uses floor seat as a see-saw, sets hearts hammering【Videos】

This cute pet rodent has a whale of a time with a simple floor chair, and we do too just from watching it!

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Adorable chinchilla causes Japanese netizens to have cute attack 【Photos】

Step aside cats, your reign as the cutest animal on the Internet is being challenged by a six year-old chinchilla from Singapore named Bubu. After seeing pictures of the adorable Bubu’s adventures from nuzzling up with a snowman to having a tea party with Hello Kitty, Japanese netizens were overcome by cuteness and went crazy for the fluffy, white chinchilla.

Click below to see 25 pictures of Bubu and see if you can overcome the natural reaction to scream out in joy at the sight of super cute cuddly creatures!

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