Coca-Cola Bottleware

How deep is Japan’s love of Coke in a glass bottle?

Mmmm, a frosty cold glass bottle of Coca Cola on a summer’s day. The cool, solid feeling of the glass as you raise it to your lips, the satisfying heft of the bottle in your hand. What could be better? A plastic bottle? I don’t think so.

A special limited edition glass bottle is now available in Japan in select supermarkets. The announcement was posted up on Coca-Cola Japan’s Facebook page on 24 July, along with the above picture. Other than on Facebook, the glass bottles weren’t especially publicized or promoted. However, they soon gained more than 10,000 likes. Why do people in Japan seem to crave Coke in a glass bottle so much?

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Tableware Made Out of Recycled Glass Coca Cola Bottles on Sale in Japan Starting October 31

You might remember Japanese design company, Nendo, from their Starbucks Journey pop-up store in Harajuku.

Nendo is at it again, this time collaborating with Coca Cola to bring Coke fans everywhere a unique set of tableware.  Made exclusively of Coca Cola’s signature green-tinted glass bottle, “Coca-Cola Bottleware” will be available starting on October 31st.

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