You might remember Japanese design company, Nendo, from their Starbucks Journey pop-up store in Harajuku.

Nendo is at it again, this time collaborating with Coca Cola to bring Coke fans everywhere a unique set of tableware.  Made exclusively of Coca Cola’s signature green-tinted glass bottle, “Coca-Cola Bottleware” will be available starting on October 31st.

Throughout Japan, Coca Cola’s bottles are collected from restaurants, washed, and reused, but after a while the bottles start to lose their sparkle.  That’s where the makers of Coca-Cola Bottleware step in and recycle the lack-luster bottles, using them to create an entirely new and beautiful product.  Each piece is handmade in Aomori prefecture and crafted into bowls and plates of simple shapes to enhance the green-tint and tiny air bubbles that are characteristic of Coke’s bottles.  Designers also aimed to retain the distinctive shape of the contour bottles, making it seem as if the top neck portion had been sliced off.

Starting from October 31st, Coca-Cola Bottleware will be on display at Design Tide Tokyo 2012, a design exhibition held in Tokyo.

Sales of Coca-Cola Bottleware will begin on the same day, with future plans to expand sales to other domestic and overseas stores.  Prices range from 5,250 yen (US $66.85) to 14,700 yen (US $187.19) and only 500 units of each style have been produced.

Source: ITmedia