consumption tax

Japanese convenience stores want you to be honest and request to pay higher sales tax rate

Soon, some shoppers will be expected to say “Excuse me, but please charge me more.”

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You won’t believe what’s at the end of this 4-hour line

April 1 marks the beginning of the new fiscal year in Japan, and this year it also marks a big change for Japan: the consumption tax jumped from 5% to 8% starting at midnight. With that hike on the horizon, many Japanese spend March 31 stocking up on daily necessities, making big purchases and otherwise trying to save a few yen.

Twitter user @TYudai snapped this picture at Shin-Yurigaoka station that day. The sign reads, “The wait from this point is 4 hours.” Can you guess what high-demand item these people were patiently waiting to get their hands on?

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