From April onward all price tags and ads in Japan must reflect final cost with sales tax included

Retailers and stores rush to implement new rule.

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Japanese convenience stores want you to be honest and request to pay higher sales tax rate

Soon, some shoppers will be expected to say “Excuse me, but please charge me more.”

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Anime figure collector who can’t pay his taxes with money has to give up what he cares for most

The two things in life that are always guaranteed are death and taxes. Death can come out of nowhere, and it’s the most surprising ones that hurt us the most. Taxes, on the other hand, should never be a surprise. You have to file and pay your taxes every year at the exact same time, so you can’t really say that you didn’t see them coming. In Japan, if the government finds out that you are withholding money from them, trust that they will be coming to collect that cash. As one citizen found out, if you can’t pay them what you owe, they will just take away your precious collection of anime figures.

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