Cornman spotted cleaning up street outside Ikebukuro Station

On 17 June a tweet went out reporting a well-dressed man picking up garbage on the street while pulling around a stuffed turtle and scrub brush on leashes. Fans of Kanto area eccentrics should recognize this guy as Cornman or Tawashi Ojisan as he often calls himself.

Although lacking the ear of corn on a leash that we came to know him as having, he certainly still seems to be showing the same level of civic pride and duty as always.

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Cornman unleashed: The once elusive eccentric sheds light on his passion and hobby of walking vegetables

The other day I relaxing at home with the TV on. Suddenly, my wife said to me “It’s him!” I looked up and there on the screen was Cornman (Toumorokoshi Ojisan), in all his sharply-dressed corn-toting glory, giving an interview on Out x Deluxe.

It’s been a while since we last saw him dragging a daikon around in March, and still we had been unable to get a clear shot of his face. Yet now here he was talking openly about himself and the ear of corn he calls Tomoko.

After doing a little research online, sure enough, Cornman was doing the rounds and telling all about his mysterious love of tying a leash on vegetables and taking them around the Kanto area. In particular, thanks to a very illuminating interview with Entabe we can learn all we need to know about Cornman – or should we say Mr. Masahiko Naganuma.

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Cornman Returns! On the trail of the mysterious Master of Hats and Vegetables

Regular readers will no doubt recall our coverage last year of the mysterious Cornman, a well dressed gentleman spotted in the Tokyo area, pulling an ear of corn behind him on a dog leash. Despite being snapped numerous times and receiving a tremendous amount of attention online, his true identity remains unknown even to this day.

At the start of this week, however, new reports of sightings of Cornman began to appear on Twitter, and there was something altogether different about him: rather than pulling along his usual corn husk, he appears to have moved on to a large daikon radish instead. As surprising as this was, few of us were prepared for the explosion of Daikornman (as we’ve re-christened him on account of his new choice of vegetable) sightings that occurred in the following days…

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Cornman Continues to Patrol Tokyo’s Yamanote Line, but Why?

Recent reports of an unidentified passenger of the Yamanote subway line in Tokyo including this recent picture has every one asking: “Who is Cornman?” and more importantly, “What the hell is he doing?”

The first known photo (below) was tweeted back in May and showed a seemingly normal fellow towing what appeared to be a single unhusked ear of corn attached by a bright red dog leash heading towards the station exit.

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