Ultra kaijū get cute makeovers in new line of anthropomorphized figurines

Just what on earth will toy manufacturers think of next? Sure, we can understand the charm behind cat sushi figures, but really now, are swimsuit-wearing, anthropomorphized figurines of famous kaijū (monsters) designed to look like beautiful girls completely necessary?

Yet oddly, we find ourselves wanting to decorate our office with them…

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Giant alien slug invades Japan… again

According to reports from media outlets such as Asahi Shimbun, Japan is currently under threat by Limax Maximus: a giant slug with a distinctive leopard-print skin. This slug was first discovered in Japan back in 2006. However, the area in which it can be found is increasing at an alarming rate.

As Japanese netizens read the headline, almost unanimously, comments of “It’s Eleking!” echoed like the horrific memories of the nation’s previous encounters with alien slugs.

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