Handsome Pocky Boy anime designs are Japan’s newest anthropomorphized sweets

A whole new way for one of Japan’s favorite chocolate snacks to look tasty.

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Kit Kat Boys are back! Artist creates new batch of handsome anime men based on Japanese flavors

Sake and sushi Kit Kats among those joining the family.

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Korean artist draws hundreds of Pokémon as what they’d look like in human forms 【Pics】

Caterpie evolved into… a human girl?!

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Japanese mobile game has anime girls asking you detailed questions about your poop

“There is a life that can save in the shit,” promotional poster reminds us.

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Personified drinks are are singing, dancing and “Making Love” as Cocktail Princes in Japan

If there’s any trend our posts in the past couple of years have shown, it’s that the Japanese can and will personify absolutely anything.

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Ultra kaijū get cute makeovers in new line of anthropomorphized figurines

Just what on earth will toy manufacturers think of next? Sure, we can understand the charm behind cat sushi figures, but really now, are swimsuit-wearing, anthropomorphized figurines of famous kaijū (monsters) designed to look like beautiful girls completely necessary?

Yet oddly, we find ourselves wanting to decorate our office with them…

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