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Traps and Christmas cakes: What type of female characters do you like?

Everyone has their own tastes and preferences for, well, just about anything. From food to fashion to members of the opposite sex, what might repel one person could make the next one a drooling, love-struck mess.

A poll taken recently on well-known web forum 4chan asked readers what sort of female characters made them swoon, and while some of the replies were really nothing out of the ordinary, others might leave you scratching your head, trying to figure out what on earth type of girl would someone call a Christmas cake?

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Western media ranks the toughest women in animation, list unsurprisingly anime-heavy

While TV and movies seem to have a hard time grappling with the evolving role of women in society, animation has been delivering strong female leads for decades.

Sure, some of their empowering swagger is tempered with skimpy clothes and breasts so large they’re almost certain to cause major chiropractic problems, but animation has been surprisingly progressive when it comes to depicting women in comparison to film and live action television.

So it was only a matter of time before someone put together a list of the most badass female characters in animation, and it makes sense that the list is heavy on the anime; Manga and anime artists infamously have a bit of a fetish for strong female leads, after all.

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