Foot odor

Kyushu company develops robot dog that faints if your feet smell too bad

Feet with good hygiene will earn snuggles from the robotic pooches.

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Young Chinese entrepreneur tries marketing menstrual pads to men, gets heavy cash flow

Great business people are often described as being so skilled in their field that they ‘could sell ice to an Inuit.” Li Yuanhao, a student of Southwest University in Chongqing, China may have put a new spin on the saying by successfully selling sanitary napkins exclusively to male freshmen students. If the first two days alone Li’s business pulled in 600 yuan in profits (US$108) and future sales projections are looking good.

So, how’d he do it? We assure you it has nothing to do with cross dressing this time.

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Freeze the funk out of your shoes this summer

Summer, that time of the year where sweat is sadly inevitable and the strength of stinky body odors increases tenfold. Stinky feet can be a problem for boot wearers in winter, but in the summer, even the most breathable slip-ons can get stuck with the funk. For people in Japan, who are often required to remove their shoes at work and social functions, it’s a real cause for concern. Luckily, we’ve discovered a way to counteract the nasty foot smell without drowning everything in specialized deodorants. Thanks to instructions found on the how-to online resource, eHow, we know to just stick our stinky shoes in the freezer! Skeptical? See the full article to learn how it works. Read More