gender relations

Tokyu Kabukicho Tower backtracks on its gender-neutral toilets, rejigging them to appease public

New complex in Tokyo refashions its restrooms following public backlash.

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Survey shows that guys like girls who eat a lot, so long as it’s salad

I should probably preface this by saying I have never held back on ordering the food I wanted on a date. My thinking is: if you can’t appreciate the hedonistic power of a delicious meal, I don’t really want to dine with you again, or at all, really.

However, I have heard girlfriends worry about what is and isn’t okay to order on a date, so I know some women do feel judged by what and how they eat. Turns out this concern isn’t just in their minds. A recent survey suggests that guys like to see a girl eat, but it depends what is on her plate.

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