Secret of the Matrix code finally revealed

What is the Matrix? The answer is out there, Neo, and it’s got something to do with sushi recipes.

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Ten common characteristics of Japanese graphic design

Ever wonder what makes Japanese design so…Japanese? Here are ten techniques observed by the graphic design world that typify Japanese style.

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Edo-period ukiyoe woodblock prints of animals and mythical beasts now available for free online

Lovers of art, history and animals are celebrating the release of an exclusive set of ukiyoe woodblock prints from 1857 that are now free to download and share online.

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Hey, I know that brand! Designers reinvent six world-famous logos in Chinese

Whether you speak the language or not, thanks to their logos and packaging, when you see a familiar product like Mars or Coca Cola in a foreign country, you recognise it immediately. Multinational companies pay vast sums of money to reinvent their logos for use abroad, taking great pains to ensure that while the characters may change, the brand, style and message remain the same.

Along with fellow creative Stephen Wright, Shanghai-based freelance designer and illustrator Niek van Wingerden is currently making waves over on creative portfolio site Behance where he is displaying a collection of six world-famous logos, re-imagined in Chinese.

Even if you don’t speak the lingo, we know you’ll recognise these logos!

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