Hakone Ekiden

Gaggle of Friezas support runners for Hakone marathon once again, this time dancing “Paprika”

And it looks like their numbers have increased!

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Japanese man travels 100 kilometres (62 miles) from Tokyo to Hakone on stilts

An epic solo ekiden that few believed possible.

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Dragon Ball Z’s Frieza cheers on runners at Japan’s New Year’s relay race with Koi Dance【Vid】

It turns out the anime villain isn’t just a fighter, but a dancer too!

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Four Freezing Freeza’s Appear at Hakone Ekiden Relay Marathon, Conquer All with Hijinks and Shenanigans

Some sports are just better watched on television.  Although it’s always great to see athletes perform in person, for many events you just can’t get the right vantage point to see all the action.

Take the Hakone Ekiden relay marathon held every year on the second and third of January. One of the most popular running events in Japan, 20 universities from the Kanto region of east Japan enter teams of ten to race a grueling two day relay totaling over 200km.

It’s a physically intense race over mountainous terrain in the cold of mid-winter.  And it’s truly inspiring to see these athletes show such high levels of endurance… from your home watching TV under a blanket and sipping hot cocoa.

For those brave souls who ventured out into the cold to support the runners, a surprise in the form of four inter-planetary warlords stop by yearly to deliver some holiday cheer.

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